Day of departure

We went back to the airport in Naples and had our last Italian brunch. We almost missed our flight to Germany so we were very stressed out. We ran through the whole airport and were still the last guests on the airplane. Luckily the steward was a fan of us and we helped him with the introduction of the safety measures. We got chocolate and jellybabies (winegums), which had the form of airplanes. After the landing in Frankfurt we took the train and had to do another trip. After arriving in Neuwied all of us were really happy to see our families again and to go home.

Today we still have contact to our host students and we are looking forward to seeing them again in our hometown of Neuwied in March.


The jellybabies

Day seven

On the 1th of February we drove to Naples. During our trip the other teens made a lot of noise specially the Italian and the Spanish guys. It was very stressful, because we needed an hour for driving. Arriving in the city we had a little free time to get some impressions of Naples. After an hour we met us in the front of the Teatro San Carlo to visit the opera “Rigoletto”. Actually we should say, that it was very interesting and impressive, but it was the most boring experience we had there. Also our teachers fell asleep. After we completed that successfully we got some more free time again. Now we had enough time to go shopping. For refreshment we bought a little pizza on the roadside at a push cart, which is typically for Italy. After we arrived back in Salerno we went to the city with all guys for the last time. It was the last possibility for having time together, because on the next day we all had to take our flights for getting back home. After a big and sadly farewell with lots of tears we all went to our guest families for the last time and spend some time with them.

Day six

In the morning we met another time in school and had our second drama lesson. We invented a little play and showed it our teachers and filmed it. After that we visited the Giardino della Minerva, which was a historical garden. In ancient times, women could study herbs and cure there, which was a sensation for this era. Today there grow lemons and oranges (Daniela stole some lemons and in the following days she had lemon water). There we had a beautiful view above Salerno. In the afternoon we celebrated the birthday of two French students in a burger bar. We ate delicious burgers and as a surprise a baker baked a cake for them and all of us sang in our languages the “Happy Birthday” song. After that we all went home.


view over Salerno, from the garden
the cake for the french girls

Day five

After the breakfast at home we went to school. There we had our first drama lesson. In the beginning we made a circle and introduced each other. In the following we did some relaxation exercises to trust each other. Some exercises needed a lot of overcoming, but all in all it was a great experience. Also in the morning we went to the oldest theatre in Salerno and there we had a little guidance. The theatre is a reproduction of the famous San Carlo theatre in Naples. For lunch we went back home and met with the others in the evening again. Then we went to a shopping centre where we went shopping and had dinner, too. Some of us ate Sushi and the others chose burgers from McDonalds


the highest height from the theatre
eating togehter

Day four

On the 29th of January we took the bus to the Amalfi coast. The road was near by the sea at a ravine and it was very winding. Because of that some people felt sick, but nevertheless the Italians sang loudly. After we arrived at our destination we first went to the city. There were nice shops and we bought a lot of postcards. Most of the time we chilled on the pebble beach, took photos and talked to the others about our experiences in our home countries. We got a lunch bag from our families and ate ice cream, too. In the afternoon some of us visited a “bar” (which was rather a coffee bar in a shopping center) and found out that a hot chocolate is not the same thing in Italy as in Germany. Caro bought one and got something like a strange chocolate flummery.


lunch at the beach
learining a typical greek dance

Day Three

In the morning we met in school for listening to presentations about the famous Amalfi Coast which was presented by some students. After that we went to the city and visited an old church, which was reconstructed and later on became a museum. Next to this church was an exhibition with interactive features. For lunch we were at home. In the afternoon we made a trip to Vietri Sul Mare, which is famous for its ceramic manufacturing.  After a certain time the village became boring and so we went home. And in the evening we had some free time and we went to the city. There we ate crazy things like Pizza with sausages and fries.


view over vietri sul mare
sausage fries pizza

Day two

On the second day we met very early in the school and listened to presentations from students about their city in the school hall. After that they showed us the school and guided us to the cathedral of Salerno. It was different compared to our churches, because it was roman and very old. I liked the basement of it the most, because it was a piece of art with the vault and the religious paintings. After the guidance we went to the town house and a representative of the mayor welcomed us while some people from the TV were filming. We all were very hungry and walked to the city because we had not a lot of time to have breakfast. In Italy it is standard to eat sweets in the morning and it was a bit complicated to find something salty and vegetarian for Daniela. The lunch was at home with our families and after we fell reinvigorated the Italian students prepared an art exhibition about the history of the Italian theatre. They painted pictures of famous persons who represented the different theatrical styles. In the following we went shopping in Salerno and at the end we ate pizza with all students and teachers in a Restaurant.


The chemistry room
In the cathedral
A picture of the exhibtion

Diary of the mobility to Salerno (Italy) from January 26th until February 2nd 2017

The Day of the arrival

Our travel started very early in the morning. We took the train to the airport in Frankfurt. First we ate a meal at Starbucks and waited for the airplane. It was Caro’s first flight and so she was very excited. We all were in a very good mood and after all the flight didn’t seem to take as long as the two hours that were announced. At the airport in Naples we met some of the exchange students from Spain. These poor people lost their suitcases in Madrid! At that point we were glad that everything went well for us, because although we missed our bus station we didn’t have to wait long. The bus trip was not very long and we had the chance to get familiar with the Spanish students. They sang and we talked very much. In Salerno the parents of our host families picked us up and took us to their homes. Later we all met at the school for watching the welcome show and enjoying the cake buffet. During the show the Italian people played the national anthems of each participating country which was presented in the project and during the Italian anthem everybody got up and started to sing. It was a bit weird. After that some of us went to the city of Salerno and made their first experiences with the other students. At the end everyone went home and had dinner with the individual host families.

The airport of Frankfurt
The view out of the plain
Empressions from the show